Bolinao is a #3rd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. It has a population of 69,568 people in 12, 182 households according to the latest census.

Folk etymology the attributes the name "Bolinao" on this remote fishing enclave from the fish piece "Monamon" but commonly called "Bolinao" by the Tagalogs, Bicolanos, and Visayans. There is a theory also points out that once upon a time "pamulinawen" tress grew luxuriantly along its shores thus, the Ilocano migrants who crossed the Lingayen Gulf named it phonetically similar to the name of the tree. But nowadays, such tree does not exist anymore. Legend, also relates that during the time of Spanish era, a lovely lass nicknamed "Anao" live at the present site of the town proper. She used to bathe leisurely for hours under the Boli-Bolinao tree, where a chieftain's son who lived across the channel saw her and then wooed. An early marriage ensued but with the condition, among others, that the seat of the chieftain's government be moved to that place where Anao lived.There they are were to stay rulers hence, the name of Bolinao, Boli-Bolinao and Anao.

Most people, generally understand and speak English. They can speak Pangasinan, but they have their own unique language called Bolinao; Brought in by Sambal settlers during colonial rule.

Bolinao Pangasinan is politically subdivided into 30 barangays.

  • Arnedo

  • Balingasay

  • Binabalian

  • Cabuyao

  • Catuday

  • Catungi

  • Concordia(Pob.)

  • Culang

  • Dewey

  • Estanza

  • Germinal(pob.)

  • Goyoden

  • Ilog-Malino

  • Lambes

  • Liwa-Liwa

  • Lucero

  • Luciente 1.0

  • Luciente 2.0

  • Luna

  • Patar

  • Pilar

  • Salud

  • Samang Norte

  • Samang Sur

  • Sampaloc

  • San Roque

  • Tara

  • Tupa

  • Victory

  • Zaragoza

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It is accessible by all kinds of land transportation. Buses and Van are the most common type of transportation that carry passengers in and out of the municipality via the Camiling Tarlac road.

The Story of Bolinao 52

One boat with 110 passengers escaped from Vietnam after 37 days of drifting, only 52 survived…

The story of the Bolinao 52 is like a horror stories of the darkness troubled experience of 110 passengers escaped from Vietnam. After five years living under the new communist government, they have no choice but to leave. They lost their home, their way of living and their identity. After many failed attempts, and even a period of detention, they braved the seas to find a new home. By using a small wooden boat, 110 people across the South China Sea. Putting their lives at risk until their boat was eventually rescued by USS long Beach of the Navy on April 29 1980.
The movie is a true to life story. While they doing the movie, Tung Trinh, the Bolinao 52 survivor and her son Lam Phan return to Bolinao, to find their rescuers and express their gratitude for saving their life. One of the rescuers was Mr. Carlos Cagusaan( a residence of Bolinao). While fishing along the coast of the Philippines, Carlos “Caloy” Cagusaan and his friend found the Bolinao 52. They took turns rescuing the survivors and brought them to the town of bolinao. This movie won of 2 Regional Emmy Awards (Outstanding Documentary and Outstanding Music Composition.

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